Steel structures

BUILING4YOU provides comprehensive design and construction services for industrial sheds for warehousing, production and other occupancies. We always take care of the specific needs of the Client. We specialise in steel construction, including all the associated works and services for any type of project. Choosing us, the Client can count on our professionalism, deficiency and full scope of the project related services - from design & engineering to construction.

Steel structures are manufactured in our on fabrication plant which enables us to speed up the process while ensuring the highest quality of fabrication.


The high quality of our work is based on the availability of appropriate steel components, components of supporting and fixed structures and access to up-to-date construction plant and equipment. Steel structures are fabricated in our own steel fixing and welding plant and this significantly speeds up the process of preparing materials for each construction. All the activities are performed by our vastly experienced and highly qualified specialists. With lots of projects completed so far, we are able to meet most diverse needs of our Clients.

Besides choosing the most appropriate materials for steelwork fabrication, we can provide an appropriate design and prepare the site for construction. As a result, all our sheds for industrial or warehousing uses, as well as any other structures combine structural soundness with functionality. We follow the principles of best engineering practice and our work gives a perfect ending to any project.

Steel structures


Our steel structures and buildings come with a guaranteed long-term problem-free operation.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art construction plant and equipment and the expertise of our specialists, we can undertake even the most complex tasks.

We fabricate and construct: steel structures of industrial sheds, warehouses, canopies, etc., load-carrying and support structures, sheet metal beams and trusses, steel support frames for machinery and equipment, stairs, handrails and railings, guardrails and decorative site features.