Demolition and dismantling of structures

Part of our core business are demolition and dismantling services, i.e. construction works to remove existing buildings or their parts.

These services require a high level of expertise, state-of-the-art equipment and a professional approach. Choose us if you want your demolition project to be completed smoothly. We have years of experience in construction!


Our demolition activities are comprehensive and in compliance with the applicable requirements and procedures. We use state-of-the art construction equipment and new technologies and employ top specialists in this business. In addition, we use a wide range of techniques as required due to the variety of demolition and dismantling works. This enables us to ensure an efficient process even for the most complex tasks.

We use mechanical methods, including demolition with crushing jaws, cutting with saws or tipping with wire ropes, thermal methods including laser and torch cutting, explosive methods in which we use special explosive charges, high water pressure, and other means of destruction, as appropriate to specific situation.

We proceed with the work when safety has been ensured in the affected area and all the necessary demolition and dismantling works have been obtained.

Demolition and dismantling of structures


We provide full scope of demolition services

We can remove any various buildings, major structures and industrial facilities. We use the best technologies, ensure efficient process – from planning through preparation of the job site to the proper demolition and dismantling operations. We provide advice and are available to our Clients at all times during the contract.