Cold and deep freeze stores

Our services are not limited to industrial, manufacturing, warehouse or office buildings. We also deliver cold and deep freeze, tailor-made to the specific needs of each Client.

We use state-of-the-art technologies and the best materials in order to build durable buildings that will last for years and satisfy even the most exacting clients.


Cold and freeze stores are specific types of structures, primarily because they will be used for storage of foodstuffs and thus special sanitary requirements must be complied with during construction. The unusual nature of these structures requires specific expertise, experience and best available systems.

We are well aware of this in BUILDING4YOU and, for this reason, we use only top quality sandwich panels that offer the required insulation performance. In addition, we use high-quality doors to ensure reliability and functionality of the offered systems.

Food storage facilities, including the applied technologies, shall ensure meeting the highest standards with respect to ease and efficiency of cleaning by disinfection, load capacity, durability of materials, air-tightness, thermal insulation, fire resistance and resistance to penetration by moisture.

As a result, our cold and freeze stores last for many years without any compromises on performance.

Cold and deep freeze stores


Cold and freeze stores - why choose us?

In our projects we represent our Clients on the Site throughout the whole process of construction. Modern technologies and cooling chambers we use guarantee low consumption of energy and extremely easy cleaning. This promotes efficiency of business operations while ensuring top quality of storage.