About Us

In BUILDING4YOU we combine experience in design
and construction with a passion for building. Our business comprises complete design and construction services.

We offer to build modern industrial sheds, production sheds, warehouses and other facilities,
as well as steel/ reinforced concrete structures. We also provide earthworks and many other
services, thus meeting the expectations of the most exacting clients.

Our staff consists of senior construction professionals, including engineers, architects and specialists in structural, mechanical and electrical engineering.

We design and build production, warehouse and logistics facilities, cold and deep freeze stores and office and commercial buildings. Using advanced technologies and equipment and the top materials available on the market we can provide our clients with comprehensive services of the highest quality.

BUILDING4YOU to połączenie doświadczenia projektowego i wykonawczego oraz pasji do budownictwa
Management Board

Management Board

Our mission is to provide quality and timely services and through the objectives we set to ourselves and the actions we plan we aim to be the General Contractor of choice to our clients. 

Marcin Marcysiak – Wspólnik, Członek Zarządu

Marcin Marcysiak

President Of The Management Board

Marcin Marcysiak graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology and is a professional structural engineer holding an unlimited engineer’s license for managing construction works, with almost 15 years’ professional experience.

Throughout his career he has managed and supervised construction of several large industrial buildings of more than 20,000 m2 floor space, multi-family houses and petrochemical facilities.

He is intuitive and has the ability to recognize the actual needs of the client. His hard-earned self-discipline and ability to attain set goals through skilful team leadership enabled him to optimize the building production processes in the company and improve the coordination of supplies.

Currently, he specializes in prefabrication of steel structures and continually holds the position of the construction superintendent on various projects.

Mariusz Matusiak – Wspólnik, Wiceprezes Zarządu

Mariusz Matusiak

Vice-President Of The Management Board

Mariusz Matusiak is a construction expert who was born with passion for construction in his genes. He is constantly working to expand the knowledge gained at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology. To this end he tracks the information available through various construction industry information channels and actively participates in discussions in the area of his expertise.

As a professional structural engineer, licensed for designing and managing construction works he is responsible for overall supervision of the entire development process. He has been in business for almost 15 years and due to his professional experience many a time he managed to eliminate risks already at the planning phase of projects. When it comes to professional work his slogan is: "Good planning is the key to success."

He has been holding executive positions incessantly since 2009. As a long-term partner in an architectural firm active in the international market he has gained a wide spectrum of knowledge on how to run a successful business and has acquired excellent communication skills as well as becoming very efficient in his actions.

Edyta Głowińska Wspólnik, Prezes Zarządu

Edyta Głowińska

Member Of The Management Board

Edyta Głowińska graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology. She holds the title of architect a civil engineering technician. She has been active professionally since 2008.

Owing to her perseverance and commitment she has gained experience in both engineering and site work. Now her day-to-day job involves designing large-area industrial buildings. Owing to her excellent mediation skills she is responsible for liaising directly with domestic and foreign clients in the scope of overall planning of the project development process.

She has been building her unique brand by taking unconventional actions, implementing innovative solutions, and going beyond the framework of well-known patterns, thus gaining a competitive edge.

She is a natural-born leader who sets the direction for the business she runs. In concert with her team, she can effectively balance and combine the technical and functional aspects of the development while meeting the business objectives of the project.

Jarosław Matusiak – Wspólnik, Członek Zarządu

Jarosław Matusiak

Member Of The Management Board

Jarosław graduated from the Faculty of Construction at the Warsaw University of Technology. He completed his training period in an architectural firm and prepared a feasibility study guided by experienced experts among general contractors.

He has been in the construction industry since 2015. He continually improves his knowledge through self-training, participation in various training courses and workshops, in particular in the area of practical and effective application of the construction code provisions in project implementation processes.

He initiates and supervises the operation of new projects and his unconventional approach has many a time increased the project value. He has proved himself as an efficient coordinator of structural works in industrial construction. He carries out his tasks effectively and effectively.