Reinforced concrete structures

Owing to their strength and versatility precast reinforced concrete systems can satisfy even the most exacting clients. Reinforced concrete members feature superior resistance to mechanical damage and fire, versatility of form and shape and a very extensive range of application. They can be used in construction of very different buildings.

BUILDING4YOU provides a full range of services in relation to various industrial buildings, including warehouses and production buildings – starting from design, through preparation of subgrade and selection of the most appropriate materials, and up to completion of the project. In this way we managed to built trust with our Clients.


BUILDING4YOU specialises in construction of production, industrial and warehouse buildings, which can be built to very different specifications to meet the specific needs of the Client. For this reason we fabricate various parts of the structure ourselves, which facilitates the process of construction and enables us to get just what is needed in a specific project.

In this way, and in combination with modern technologies and access to the expertise of the most renowned experts in the field, we can undertake even the complex and extensive jobs. Last but foremost, we deliver reliable, functional and structurally sound industrial sheds, from conception to completion.



Precast concrete units - why choose us?

First, we can create any structure of any parameters to suit the actual needs.

Our reinforced concrete structures feature utmost resistance to fire, external factors and mechanical damage. They can be made in any form and shape, retaining their functional properties over many years of operation. Designed by our team of vastly experienced professionals reinforced concrete structures not only satisfy even the most exacting Clients but can be completed in a very short time. This considerably shortens the overall project duration.